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Obama Mortgage Modification Program

Back in February 2009 when President Barack Obama unveiled his Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan to assist homeowners, many among us assumed that lenders (Banks) would really help borrowers avoid foreclosure by making their mortgage payments more reasonable. But have you seen anyone getting help? Extensive expose of banks dirty games by NYTimes, CNBC, St.Louis post Dispatch and others not withstanding, Uncle Sam's own Treasury department conceded in August 2009 that Banks are rather playing old tricks to disqualify homeowners from getting benefits under Obama Plan!!!

Shouldn't you seek professional advice to beat the banks at their own game? We are Underwriters with decades of Mortgage Credit Approval-Denial experience. We have the first hand knowledge of back end underwriting tactics of several of the nation's largest banks and thoroughly know the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (also known as HASP or HAMP Plan) guidelines issued by GSE's as well as private Investors. One more thing, we are NOT document paddlers like those Attorneys or non-profit outfits who are never able to get past the Customer Service Representatives.

IF you are in any financial hardship or struggling with your home mortgage payments or in delinquency or about to go in foreclosure then do yourself a favor: STOP STRUGGLING & GET FREE CONSULTATION.We'll underwrite your application upfront and let you know your options for mortgage modification under Obama Plan in just a few minutes.

Special Message for our clients owning homes with so called “Shariah Compliant” mortgages:

1- The loan modification under MHA (Obama/Govt. Plan) does NOT change any Shariah compliant features in it, if there are any. It does not change your servicer and it does not change even the loan number but it will change the amortization and/or the rate (hidden or apparent) or both.

2- Structuring your loan in complex legal mumbo jumbo to avoid using the dreaded term “interest’ so it’s marketable to gullible Muslims, does not change the basic reality that you end up paying more “cost” on a so called shariah compliant mortgage than you should have. Let ask yourself a question; what would be more acceptable to Shariah; paying loan costs say at 8% (traditional Shariah compliant mortgages) or 2% (under MHA Modification)? Think about it?

3- You could really save hundreds of thousands of $$$$$ in loan costs (i.e. interest or rate of return to the bank) over the life loan and that would be, dare we say more Shariah compliant!!!

What you need to Know ???

  • Through Obama Mortgage Modification Interest Rate could be as low as 2%
  • You can save Thousands of $$$$$$$$ every year
  • As opposed to Refinance there is no closing cost associated with it
  • About 7-9 million Informed people can benefit from it
  • Banks are not encouraging troubled homeowners to apply for modification

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Do You Know??

  • Through Obama Loan Modification Plan Interest Rate could be 2%
  • About 7-9 million informed people can benefit from it
  • You can save Thousands of dollars every year
  • Banks are NOT encouraging people to apply
  • As opposed to Refinance there is no closing cost